XDefiant: Ubisoft’s New Free to Play FPS

XDefiant is the new free-to-play, first-person arena shooter from Ubisoft, where players can compete in fast-paced online matches with characters from various Ubisoft franchises.

In a time where most developers are making more slow and tactical shooters, even the new Call of Duty has been criticized by its community for slowing down its gun play. But with XDefiant Ubisoft has taken the opposite approach. Fast time to kill, Fast aim down sights time and fast movement. Many who have played the game have called it an homage to the original Call of Duty games. Ubisoft even hired Infinity Wards Mark Rubin to direct the game. But XDefiant is no mere CoD clone, it has enough flare of its own to stand out from the crowd. You can watch the game play trailer here and have a look for yourselves.


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XDefiant features four playable factions, they act as the classes for the game, each with their own unique abilities and traits. These factions are what stop this game from just being a COD clone. The factions are:

  • Phantoms: Based on the Ghost Recon series, the Wolves are a group of elite soldiers who specialize in defense and protection. They can deploy shields, turrets, and mines to fortify their positions and support their allies.
  • Echelon: Based on the Splinter Cell series, the Echelon are stealthy operatives who excel in intelligence and sabotage. They can use gadgets like sonar goggles, and cloaking devices to gain an edge over their enemies.
  • Cleaners: Based on the Division series, the Cleaners are a faction of fanatics who believe in cleansing the world with fire. They wield flamethrowers, incendiary bullets, and molotov cocktails that can set their foes ablaze.
  • DedSec: Based on WatchDogs, are experts in disruption and chaos through thei tech. Making use of several gadgets and hacks, the DedSec can give your team the advantage over the enemy.
  • Libertad: Based on the freedom fighters from FarCry 6. They are the healer Faction, making use of their abilities to keep the team alive.

Players can customize their characters, called Defiants, by choosing a faction, a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, an attachment, a device, and a trait.

Game Modes

XDefiant offers a variety of game modes and maps for players to enjoy. Some of the game modes are:

  • Escort: Players are tasked with either moving a robot to a delivery point, and defenders are required to stop the enemies escorting the robot. There are a few checkpoints on the robot’s path, which will change and adjust the spawn points for both teams.
  • Zone Control: Players attack or defend various control points, Once a zone has been captured, the objectives will move further into the map.
  • Domination: Domination is a mode where there are three points on a single map. Both teams are tasked with taking over the three capture points, as the points tick up. Having two or more points captured at a time will give you the advantage.
  • Occupy: a single point will change locations as the match progresses, with both teams of players fighting for control over it. Players must move from one point to the next to capture the zone and earn points for the team.
  • Hot Shot: is similar to Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty, tasking players will eliminating opponents and collecting the bounty token they drop to score a point. While it’s effective Team Deathmatch with a twist, this extra step to securing a point for your team adds a further layer of complexity and excitement to the action.


The game also comes with 14 map inspired by different Ubisoft worlds, you might recognize a few by their names:

  • Arena – Domination, Occupy
  • Attica Heights – Domination, Occupy
  • DUMBO – Domination, Occupy
  • Echelon HQ – Domination, Occupy
  • Emporium – Domination, Occupy
  • Liberty – Domination, Occupy
  • Mayday – Domination, Occupy
  • Nudleplex – Domination, Occupy
  • Pueblito – Domination, Occupy
  • Showtime – Domination, Occupy
  • Meltdown – Escort, Zone
  • Midway – Escort, Zone
  • Times Square – Escort, Zone
  • Zoo – Escort, Zone

XDefiant is free to play and a live service game that will receive regular updates with new factions, maps, weapons, and game modes. Expectations are cross-play and cross-progression to come day 1. To emphasize the casual nature, Xdefiant Ubisoft has not implemented skill based match making in normal modes. A Ranked mode possibly with skill based match making will also be added in season 1. This might give players who want to test their skills something to look forward to.

Xdefiant Beta and Release

XDefiant is currently in development and Ubisoft has not yet announced an official release date. However, the game has been holding beta tests for players to try out the game and provide feedback. The most recent open beta test was held in June 2023, following a closed beta test in April 2023, so the game is almost done cooking. Hopefully, releasing late 2023.

XDefiant is a promising new entry in the FPS genre that aims to deliver a fun experience for people looking for something casual to enjoy. The game combines elements from various Ubisoft franchises into a unique and dynamic shooter that offers plenty of customization. XDefiant is free-to-play and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows in the near future.

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