Dark Souls Archthrones: A New Adventure for Souls Fans

Dark Souls: Archthrones is an overhaul mod for Dark Souls 3. It is a prequel to the main story and offers a new adventure set in new areas of the Souls universe. The mod even adds some returning areas from previous titles. Consequently, a demo comes out this September, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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What is Dark Souls: Archthrones?

Dark Souls: Archthrones is a prequel mod for Dark Souls 3 that offers an overhaul for progression, maps, enemies, bosses with fully voiced NPCs and a new storyline. The mod has been in development for almost two years. It offers an alternate story set across five new and returning areas. Each of these areas will be accessed via the Nexus of Embers, a reworked version of Dark Souls 3’s hub area, Firelink Shrine. The mod features improved visuals and hit boxes for a more immersive experience. Players can expect the hallmark challenging and addictive gameplay of the Souls series and new areas to explore.

New Areas

Dark Souls Archthrones War Torn Village Poggers Memes

In any Souls game the locations are key to telling the story. From the 15 minute gameplay trailer, the new areas appear to have taken heavy inspiration from Fromsoft’s older and newer titles. The War Torn Village seems similar in vibe to Sekiro’s Sempoku Temple. If you payed close attention to the trailer. The Nexus has features from the new Elden Ring. The gothic Church of the Ruins of Blue would not look out of place in Yharnam. Some of the bosses look to have been inspired heavily from demon souls. The biggest surprise to me was the return of Heide’s Tower of Flame from Dark Souls 2 recreated masterfully in Dark Souls: Archthrones. Furthermore, Lothric Castle from the base game has also been expanded greatly and given more detail story-wise.

Consequently, the demo is coming in September, but for now there is no release date. The mod will be free on release, and you will need Dark Souls 3 and all of its DLCs to enjoy it. 

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