Rainbow 6 Siege: Best Operators for Beginners

Siege can be punishing and have a steep learning curve starting out. The unique mix of destructible and vertical maps combined with the interplay between operator abilities makes Siege feel like 3D chess at times, which can be quite overwhelming for new players. The best thing new players can do is ease themselves into the game by not picking up complex ops in the beginning. Here I will list 6 beginner-friendly operators, 3 attackers and 3 defenders that are easy to use and some can even be used in high ranks.



Thermite: Support


As an attacker your first job is getting into the map. Operators that facilitate that goal tend to be higher up in tier lists by the sheer utility they provide. Thermite was the only hard breacher at launch. While now, we have more specialized roles like Ace or Hibana, if you just want to large hole in the defender’s well-thought-out site setup Thermite is your man. He comes equipped with 2 Exothermic charges that when placed on a wall and activated make the largest hole out of all the hard breachers.

Thatcher: Support


Thatcher is the second half of any hard breacher in Siege. His gadget is a simple EMP grenade, and he comes equipped with 3 of them. On the surface his gadget may seem simple but considering the fact that half the defender utility is electronic means Thatcher can counter half of the defending roster with a single gadget. In the past he was a must pick for every attacker team composition but has been brought down by having an almost 90% ban rate in high ranks which really goes to show how useful he is.

Ash: Entry Frag


If you’re coming to Siege from games like Call of Duty Ash then you might prefer Ash. She comes equipped with 2 breaching rounds that can destroy soft walls and defender utility from range. Ashs main draw isn’t her gadget though it’s her R4-C Assault rifle. Even after countless nerfs It’s still one of the best guns in the game, combined with her fast movement speed makes Ash quite a formidable entry frag op. If you like to focus on gun play then Ash is the op for you.


Rook: Support/Anchor


A Defender newbies best friend. Rook can drop an Armour pack for the entire squad which gives them extra health allowing them to survive one extra bullet. Rook isn’t used a lot in the higher ranks other than to spawn peak with his 2x scope on the MP5. When you’re still learning the game providing guaranteed utility for the entire squad is great as Rook is also a 3 armored defender, meaning he mainly sits on site and defends from there.

Thunderbird: Support/Roamer


A newer op, and like Rook she can place down her gadget for guaranteed utility. Thunderbirds gadget is the Kona Station, and she has 3 of them. Konas provide healing when a defender (or attacker) moves close to them. Another great op when you’re learning the game as once you’ve placed down her gadget it will keep providing healing even after your death. With her 2 speed rating and the Spear 308 assault rifle she can also act as a Roamer for the squad.

Lesion: Anchor


A slightly complex op but great if you want to play off sound and intel. Lesion’s gadget is the Gu mine but unlike most ops he doesn’t get all of them all at once but slowly through the course of the match. Playing Lesion well, is predicated on how well you understand his gadget as he is highly reliant on his utility. Gu mines are invisible to attackers, and activate when an attackers’ step on them. This slows them down, blurs their vision and does low damage over time. As Lesion your job is to keep track of all your mines and when you hear the sound of one going off, swing the enemy and taking him out. Lesion is a great op to learn the sound and intel aspect of Siege and rewards remaining vigilant. 

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