Warhaven: An Upcoming Medieval Fantasy Combat Game

Warhaven is a free-to-play PVP medieval fantasy combat game for two teams of up to 16 players each. Players can choose their soldier, lead their squad into combat, and incarnate as a powerful Immortal to turn the tide of war. Players can choose from a roster of unique soldiers, each with their own motivations for fighting.

Choose Your Soldier and Incarnate as an Immortal


Blade: The basic class of brave sword-wielding knights that offers some well-rounded skills and can launch enemies into the air with the powerful Ox Slash.

Guardian: The Guardian class are essentially tanks who are at the forefront of assaults. Guardians can employ a trusty shield to protect themselves as they charge the enemy, or plant their shield into the ground and become invulnerable to damage for a brief time.

Smoke: The Smoke class relies on magical powers to heal allies. However, they can also inflict some damage on opponents with a variety of smoke-powered attacks.

Arch: The Archer class in the game. This is a mainly ranged type of character, and you’ll need to keep distance to be effective.

Spike: The Spike class is a spear wielding character, it has a lot of nice damage-focused abilities. The Spike’s normal attack is a simple spear thrust, but the further away your enemy is the more damage you deal.


Every soldier has the potential to incarnate as an Immortal, and each Immortal fights with their own distinct powers. During battle players will see their gauge gradually reach maximum levels. Once a gauge is full, soldiers can transform into a powerful Immortal that can turn the tides of a battle. These mystical beings also have different abilities and also can take on either offensive or support roles.

Game Modes


Players can earn glory in epic 32-player battles across multiple maps, which strike the perfect balance between massive melee brawls and intense life-or-death duels. They can cut down multiple opponents with a single well-placed sword swing or shatter an enemy into an explosion of stone with a devastating blow of their hammer. Players can keep the pressure on their enemies by taking control of cannons, ballista, and war machines. Warhaven also offers classic game modes with a new edge. In Dominion mode, players capture and defend footholds scattered across the map to gain special battlefield advantages. In Skirmish mode, players face off against the enemy in a brutal brawl to dominate the central footholds

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