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Alan Wake 2 Review – The Heroes Of Hope & Darkness

Alan Wake 2 presents itself as a pinnacle of cinematic storytelling. It attempts to express itself as an interactive, iterative experience which combines the freedom of gaming and the immersion of an artistic film, and yet it offers two dynamic tales on top of each other – one being a Twin Peaks-esque detective story, and the other a supernatural twists on the noir themed crime drama. Enjoy our Alan Wake 2 review with the lights off, but more importantly with a side of imagination.

The True Champions of Light – Alan Wake 2 Review

The game weaves in horror and mystery within a grander narrative. This story that started with Alan and a few torchlights has expanded into stories beyond what Alan alone can comprehend, even reeling in the FBC from Control.

Alan Wake 2 follows the stories of the intuitive FBI agent, Saga Anderson, and the missing writer Alan Wake. The game tries to connect the events of the first game in 2010 to the current events of the game by revealing what had happened to the characters, but what really shines is how we’re still offered a fresh perspective through Saga’s eyes.

Alan Wake 2 is a cinematic journey through the minds of both these characters, as it’s a game about information – one where both Alan and Saga only know their own part of the puzzle, and the game emphasizes how they’re connected after each level, slowing building to the confrontation with the darkness that conflicts with both Saga and Alan.

It’s difficult to do this game justice by just speaking about it. It’s truly an adventure of frights and sights. To be able to venture step by step through a whispering amusement part to unlocking hotel doors, Alan Wake 2 keeps you at the edge of your heartbeat as you don’t know what to expect, and this is just the gameplay which is one of the simpler aspects of the game.

The game truly shines in its artistic and thematic presentation of the world and the meta narrative it’s trying to tell. For a game about a story coming to life, we’re not even sure who the true author is, and then it’s us who are playing the game written by Remedy. It’s a whole spiral of spark and spice, which is emphasized by Saga’s Mind Place or Alan’s Writer’s Room. Both these areas are segments within their heads where they get to change the angle of events. For Saga’s case, she can get answers from those she thinks about, and Alan can literally change the scenes of the areas to find out new information.

You’re led to believe you’re a supernatural detective, trying to uncover the shed of light behind the spread of darkness, but the deeper you venture, you realize that you’re a curator. You’re simply following in the footsteps of an eternal loop, and each question is just another thread pulling you forward.

While the level and enemy design doesn’t reach the levels of Resident Evil, it stays fresh throughout, and it works in its favor as no sequence overstays its welcome. The game pushes you to keep trudging forward and discovering new secrets, and it only gets weirder, in particularly for Alan, where he goes through a mind-melting musical sequence. Remedy has gone to such heights to truly set Alan Wake 2 apart from any other game. There’s just no point speaking about it, aside from expressing how it’s a must-play gaming segment.

This blend of fact and fiction accumulates into a direction which aims to not just please, but ease you into the cool breeze that is its own keys. Alan Wake 2 is a game about perspective and loops. It’s about repetition which is its own gratification.

Alan Wake 2 is a beautiful portrait, one that stares back into your soul. It asks more than it answers, yet it’s the opening of more questions that allows art to speak for itself. Every angle presents us with a new appreciation for the game as it not only helps progress Alan and Saga’s journey, but pushes us into the world as well. Alan Wake 2 is a tale through time, one that keeps its mystery secure, yet it also offers a treasury that aims to offer care for one’s attention and fascination.

Verdict of Wisdom — [Iconic], Fantastic, Scenic, Static, Erratic

Alan Wake 2 is truly a spectacle as there’s just nothing like it. An iconic adventure that will leave you wanting more; it’s a tale about writing, for writing, and through writing. I can’t wait to see what Remedy will do next in this connected universe they’ve concocted, especially with the level of detail they’ve expressed in this game. The way they can transform Control 2 to match Alan Wake 2’s style is exciting, and especially the future content that Alan Wake will be getting. Hoping we can squeeze in a few more Mr. Door segments!

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