Armored Core 6: Off Meta Build Guide

With 2 patches already released and still no Zimmerman or Gatling Nerf in sight I think that maybe the Armored Core community should start looking at alternative play styles that might not be as universally viable as monkey braining dual shotguns or machine guns but viable enough that it’s a fun change of pace. So here is an off meta Armored Core 6 build guide, so you can experience a different play style in PvP or on your multiple play throughs.



Energy Reverse Joint Build

For people who don’t want to stray too far away from their dual Zimmerman wielding roots. This build is for sustained close to mid-range damage while being highly mobile with the reverse jointed legs. The VP-66LH are the lightest energy weapon but with a balanced damage and stagger damage. The dual ORBITs on your back act as a kind of energy turrets for even more consistent energy damage. If you want more kinetic damage you can replace the back energy turrets with kinetic turrets, they deal more damage but take longer to reload as well. 

Infinite Missile Build

Make your enemies life a living nightmare with an endless barrage of missile fire. The SOUP rocket launchers may lack the ability to multilock but they more than make up for it with a 30 round volley of rockets, strap 2 of them on your back, and you can cosplay an angel of death raining hell down on your opponents. The APERTIF handheld rocket launcher is there for the downtime after the SOUP launchers are done firing. You can’t get the SOUP launchers until your second play through, so this is a late game build but once you do have them, taking this build in 1v1 PvP matches and watching the enemy be constantly out of energy as they try to boost dodge your endless missile alone is worth it.

Dual Melee Build

The only build that has the potential to go toe to toe with the Zimmermans. A super close ranged build that excels at dealing stagger damage and even manages to indefinitely extend stagger on enemies and bosses. You have probably seen clips of players melting bosses with melees, there’s a good chance they were using this build. The crux of this build is the Laser Slicer it has the second-highest damage out of all the melees. If you time your attacks properly it can extend stagger on bosses indefinitely and then following it up with the Pile Bunker for massive damage. If you look at only the numbers this build has a higher damage potential than the dual Zimmies. The only thing holding it back is getting your timings right which can be easily missed. 

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