Warframe: Top 6 most Broken Builds

Warframe is a game where you can unleash your inner space ninja and slash, shoot, and blast your way through hordes of enemies. But sometimes, you might want to take it up a notch and use some of the most broken weapon builds in the game. This Warframe build guide will make you feel like a god among mortals, as you obliterate anything that stands in your way.



These builds are more endgame focused so don’t expect to get your hands on them until you’re 600+ hours in. We will have an early game build guide coming out soon so keep an eye out for that.



The lord of death, Nekros has been one of the most popular frames after his Terrify buff turning him into an armor stripping and crowd control king. Start the mission, activate Desecrate, keep it active. Cast Nourish and re-cast it whenever it expires. This skill really helps to keep you going and buff your little army. Kill some enemies (eximus are your main targets), use Terrify to strip armor and crowd control if you have some tough to kill armored units. Summon your shadows and have fun.



Wisp is a well rounded, support focused warframe that provides the entire squad and herself with very potent buffs. She is a very mobile and survivable frame which makes her viable for end game content. On top of all that she has great damage potential if the need arises. This is a buff centric build, with enough personal survivability to survive all standard end game content. The key ability here is Elemental Ward, Chroma’s second ability subsumed on to her. Here, we’re looking at two options, Toxin and Cold. Toxin is quite useful for Wisp, because after the Haste flower fire rate buff, the main bottleneck of most weapons is the magazine capacity and reload speed. This essentially removes it entirely. Meanwhile, Cold gives another massive chunk of armor, as well as a scattering of random status procs due to reflect. To top that all off this ability also affects allies. Elemental Ward is nuts.



Disclaimer: This Build is very expensive. Two Umbral Forma, 257k Endo and a minimum of 400 logins.

Saryn’s damage is absolutely bonkers. At base she doesn’t really need much strength to clear a map, we’re only running this much for the slow percentage on Gloom and the corrosive proc chance on Spores. Saryn’s job isn’t really to kill enemies, it’s to garden. Just keep the spores on someone and the sickness will spread. Range is her most important stat, affecting her Spore spread range, Gloom’s AoE, and the AoE of Miasma. Duration is more of a quality of life stat in my opinion, yes it affects the drain on gloom, but it’s really not that bad. 



The whole idea for this build is to throw an endless barrage of bullets downrange for unparalleled DPS. This Build for Mesa utilizes an extremely large increase to efficiency, a large increase to strength, duration, and Mesa’s energy pool with a large decrease to range. The build’s flex slot is Augur Secrets and mainly focuses on Mesa’s Fourth Ability mixed with her third ability for protection. Due to only having her third ability for defense in high leveled missions it is extremely important to have it up at all times, since there is no Adaptation to help negate damage. Other than this it is extremely easy to just hold down the triggers for her Peacemaker and kill all enemies around.



Tapping into the fantasy of being the monkey king with his overpowered staff. The build is part of a 4 set build to maximize survivability and damage of Wukong’s Primal Fury. It can easily deal upwards of 200-500k damage with 3x+ combo streaks while surviving for 2 hours any high level endless. If a teammate is using Melee Guidance or Swift Momentum, even better but Corrosive Projection is what the other three should be running. This build focuses on building 150% crit from Primal Rage + 225% crit from Gladiator set at 3x combo meter. Combined with your Iron Staff  you can get red and yellow crits to deal 100k-200k damage with the right attacks.



The least expensive and most broken build on this guide. Octavia is very different from other Warframes, she can easily cheese the entire game without a sweat or shooting a single bullet. All You have to do is cast her abilities. This isn’t even any special build this is how she is built for any type of mode. High duration allows easier upkeep on all abilities and buffs, all of which have decent base durations. Any duration of 200% to 250%+ is good. Since duration is so high and each ability only needs to be cast roughly once every minute. You only need to spend about 300 energy to refresh all skills, which can be easily regenerated with arcane energize combined with the rate at which enemies die from mallet. Primed Flow is necessary to store a large amount of energy. Also remember that Octavia regenerates energy on ability cast with her passive (30 energy over 30s per cast which can be refreshed but does not stack higher than 1 energy/s).

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