Warframe: Top 7 Kuva Weapons

Kuva weapons are a special type of weapons that are infused with the essence of the Grineer Queen, giving them unique stats and bonuses. In this article, we will rank the top 7 kuva weapons based on their performance, versatility and fun factor.


Kuva Weapons

Kuva weapons are a special variant of existing weapons with innate weapon elements carried by a player’s Lich and can be acquired once the Lich is defeated. Kuva Weapons are mid to endgame items, so it’s going to be a while until you can get your hands on them. Being endgame weapons all Kuva weapons are a cut above the rest, but we have decided to only do a top 7 list as by the hoard shooter nature of Warframe even base AoE weapons have the potential to outperform single target weapons. So let’s begin.

Kuva Bramma


Element: Toxin

The Kuva Bramma is a Kuva bow, firing arrows that produce a large Blast explosion on impact while also depositing cluster bombs, but suffers from small ammo capacity. Nerf after nerf hasn’t stopped players from using the Kuva Bramma with the most recent one being a blanket change, greatly slashing the amount of ammo that can be picked up by explosive weapons, but ammo mutation mods have remidied that issue to some degree. After the nerfs the Bramma isn’t the all consuming oppressive force it used to be but when it comes to AoE add clear nothing comes close.

Kuva Zarr


Element: Toxin

The Kuva Zarr is the Kuva variant of the base Zarr, with drastic improvements to its critical chance, status chance, the Cannon mode’s damage, fire rate, and explosion radius, and the Barrage mode’s accuracy and removal of its range cap. With the Zarr and the Bramma its a toss up on which in the true king of the Kuva weapons. If you prefer versatility go for the Zarr, if you like pure AoE damage go for the Bramma. I’m putting it just slightly lower than the Bramma because it has a slightly shorter AoE radius, but it is still more than capable of holding its own in any kind of content.

Kuva Nukor


Element: Magnetic/heat

The Kuva Nukor is the Kuva variant of the Nukor, with improvements to its already high critical multiplier and status chance, and increased critical chance, magazine, and range, but with marginally lower damage. Probably the highest DPS secondary weapon in Warframe and the second-best primer in the game. Another weapon that took over Warframe when it arrived with the Bramma, nerfs have left it a shell of its former glory. Take it with magnetic for a primer build or heat for damage.

Kuva Tonkor


Element: Toxin

The Kuva Tonkor is the Kuva variant of the Tonkor grenade launcher, sporting increased critical chance, status chance, reserve ammo, reload speed, damage and a wider spread of damage types, as well as removing the minimum arming distance thus making the grenades explode on impact and even at closer ranges. The standard Tonkor is a longstanding crowd control weapon for new players. That remains true with the upgraded Kuva Tonkor. This beast of a grenade launcher has an excellent critical chance and lacks the minimum firing distance of its normal cousin. This is a small double-edged sword, however, as close-range explosions stagger players — even when fired by their own weapon. The Kuva Tonkor also lacks the cluster bombs and exceptional status chance of the Kuva Zarr.

Kuva Ogris


Element: Toxin/Heat

The Kuva Ogris is the Kuva variant of the Ogris rocket launcher, firing rounds in a semi-automatic fashion rather than a short charge-up and with increased damage and status chance, with its damage altered to include physical types, but has much worse ammo economy. Nightwatch Napalm is an Ogris-exclusive mod and a must have when using this weapon. Upon striking an enemy or object, it will form small pockets of fire within a sphere around the impact area. The fire will deal 30% of the weapon’s modified base damage as Heat damage with 68% chance to proc over 6 seconds making the Ogris a AoE area denile weapon.

Kuva Chakkhurr


Element: Toxin/Radiation

The Kuva Chakkhurr is a unique Kuva flintlock-styled rifle. It fires explosive rounds that deal immense damage, even more so on headshots, at the expense of a low fire rate, slow reload speed, and limited ammo reserves.  It’s got the highest base damage of all semiautomatic rifles and highest crit chance of all weapons in the game. Kuva Chakkhurr shots also explode on contact and deal a guaranteed Impact proc. This staggers enemies. Though the use case is limited to situations where a hardcore sniper rifle makes sense. As a sniper, this is a perfect weapon for Eidolon hunting as Eidolons are weak to Radiation but if you want to ue it in normal content Toxin the recommended.

Kuva Hek


Element: Heat/Radiation

The Kuva Hek is the Kuva variant of the Hek shotgun, with boosts to its critical chance and falloff range, along with its damage, critical multiplier, and status. It has the unique ability to fire all four barrels simultaneously via its alternate fire. The only single target weapon on this list and the meta weapon when it comes to Archon hunting. The signature skill of the Kuva Hek is its four-round alternate fire which lets you empty an entire magazine in one single Archon slaying shot. When using the standard blast, on the other hand, you’ve got an excellent status chance for a shotgun and a totally solid crit chance across the board.

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