Armored Core VI: A Door Opens For Soulsborne Shooters

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is the latest game in the long-running mecha action series developed by FromSoftware. It recently just had its gameplay preview where content creators got hand on time on the first 11 missions of the game and by all accounts the gameplay is very impressive. But watching the fast-paced mech gameplay got me thinking on how could Armored Core evolve in the future? Maybe its time for a proper souls like title combined with armored core mech fighting.

Birth of a new genre

Some veteran AC players were afraid that the new Armored Core game would be too much like a souls title. After the preview it’s clear that FromSoftware have incorporated many mechanics from their acclaimed souls series, but it’s been done in such a way that it maintains the identity of an Armored Core game and the souls elements act to improve and add on to the core mech gameplay. But I want you to imagine a world where FromSoftware actually made Armored Core into a Souls like Shooter and not just any souls like shooter something reminiscent of Titan Fall with pilot and mech gameplay.


When it comes to gameplay the newest mechanic would be the addition of boots on the ground combat with souls like mechanics utilizing amped up versions of traditional weaponry. If you want an idea of what it might look like take a look at the gameplay of the Remnant series. Remnant 2 just released and has been getting extremely positive reception from both players and critics alike so that means that there is demand for a souls like shooter in the market. But if FromSoftware is able to incorporate the boots on the ground gameplay with the fast-paced mech gameplay of traditional armored core and create a soulslike/Titanfall hybrid that would be something very special and unique. 

There could be separate builds for ACs and pilots for example the boots on the ground portion could give the choice between building a heavy gunner focused on taking down Armored Cores from the ground or a run and gun character for taking out other pilots. The armored core section could have the same, deep mech customization that we have right now.



A game like this could be the first chance for FromSoftware to make a proper Multiplayer game. A lot like in Destiny, players would grind out story missions for mech parts and weapons to perfect their build and then use these builds in multiplayer lobbies against other pilots. These lobbies could be entire war zones with mechs in the air and pilots on the ground. The map layout for a game like this would also need changing from how it currently is. The way the maps are right now they are far too sparse and low in detail for boots on the ground combat. The new maps will need a lot more cover and density to incorporate both mechs and pilots.

Maybe in the future we get a pseudo Titanfall 3 with an Armored Core logo on it but until then you can enjoy Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon releasing August 25th on all platforms.

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