Top 5 Warframes for 2023

Warframe is a popular free-to-play looter shooter that lets you play as a Tenno, who wield powerful exoskeletons called Warframes. Each Warframe has its own unique abilities that can suit different play styles and situations. Before, we made a list of Warframes that were best for beginners, but you aren’t going to stay a beginner forever now? Here is a list of the top 5 frames that will carry you through endgame.




A Returning entry from our beginners list, Volt is a beast not just at early game but at endgame as well. By now you should be aware of Eidolon hunting, Volt is the meta frame for that activity especially if you like to play solo. His shields can provide free electric damage and 200% critical damage, which is great for saving mod slots on your weapon. He recently received a buff where he can carry around his shield with 0 penalties, so there is no reason now not to do that. He is also great at providing the entire squad with shields for survivability with the augment mod for his 4th ability.




Another returning entry Wukong was praised in the beginners list for being unkillable and the ability to do that makes him just as useful in endgame as well. If you want to get the most out of him we recommend switching out his 4th ability with an ability like Pillage from Hildryn or Roar from Rhino, anything to buff yourself or debuff the enemies. Other than that Wukong doesn’t need anything his clone can dish out serious damage and cloud walker will heal you if you’re at low health. An all around solid frame and highly recommended.




One of the most popular Warframes Wisp takes on the role of a support frame. Her Reservoir motes are what make her so great, they buff speed, health, and provide passive electric damage and the buffs are permanent as long as you stay within the Reservoir area. Combine that with her 3rd being one of the best damage dealing abilities that can even be put on other frames makes her popularity understandable. Replace her 4th with Proteas Dispensary, and she turns into an all around support that can provide energy and ammo as well.




A pure DPS/nuke frame Saryn can debuff enemies and clear entire maps with the press of a button. The way to use her is to spread her spores with her first ability which is quite easy, and then use her 4th ability to nuke all the effected enemies as spore effected enemies take 4 times more damage from her 4th. Replacing her 2nd with Sevagoths Gloom turns Saryn into an unkillable tank that can slow enemies down and kill them by simply standing near.




The rivalry between Volt and Gauss players on who is the fastest is ongoing. Speed/DPS/Tank/nuke, Gauss can do it all provided you build him right. His first makes him run superfast knocking enemies in his path, his 2nd gives him 100% damage resistance with his 4th active, his 3rd can nuke rooms and is the meta ability for farming extermination missions for relics, it can also buff weapons with heat damage with its augment, but his bread and butter is his 4th. His 4th ability is like going super saiyan, even the animation looks like it. It gives all his other abilities extra effects and gives him a massive speed buff making him the best weapons DPS in the game. If there is one Warframe everyone must have its Gauss.


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