Hunt Showdown: Tide of Desolation Event Guide

Crytek has released what is coming in the upcoming 1.15 update, along with the Tide of Desolation event. Some of the notable changes are the progression changes. In this Hunt Showdown Tide of Desolation guide we will detail all the changes and all the new stuff coming to hunt on the 13th.

New Wildcard: Ashbloom

Crytek are adding a new dynamic weather condition in Wildcard matches called Ashbloom, a mist-themed effect that switches between light to heavy fog. When heavy fog is in effect, dogs, chickens and horses will constantly make noise and creatures are more aggressive. The effect of Ashbloom also changes the look of the environment when this weather effect is in your match.

New Weapons

  • Caldwell Pax Trueshot is a long barrel revolver with a slower fire rate, with more accuracy and damage. High-velocity custom ammo will also be added to the Caldwell Pax variants.
  • Katana, A new weapon with a light attack machete swing, heavy Calvary saber stab, and a two-slot weapon.
  • Dolch FMJ & dumdum rounds added and Deadeye & Claw variants. The Dolch 96 and all its variants will also get Dumdum rounds and FMJ custom ammo.
  • Drilling Hand cannon and hatchet variants.
  • Lemat Mark II Carbine Marksman

Progression Changes

The progression system is being streamlined as well. For starters, all base weapons will be available at rank 1, making prestige a bit more palatable. Tools and consumables don’t need xp to unlock other variants as well as they will be all unlocked once you’ve unlocked the base tool in the progression. They have also streamlined some traits. For example, they combine Iron Devastator, Iron Repeater, and Iron Sharpshooter into one trait called Iron Eye.

Hunter Changes

Legendary Hunters are now cheaper, going down from 200 Hunt Dollars to 100. Free Hunters are now available only if your cash is below 20,000. If you are below 5,000, you are given an additional free hunter to recruit. The recruitable hunters will now have more tools and consumables with up to four perks, and the gear is more likely to match their traits. They are also guaranteed to have a melee weapon and a med kit. Recruiting them also saves 25% of the cost of all items they have.

Workbenches are now found in the Bayou and is now where you can find Gun Oil, which was reworked to make you progress to the next matching unlock to the weapon you are holding (random unlock from the arsenal if there’s nothing else to unlock). Blueprints found will give you three random unlocks.

Balance Changes


Patch 1.15 will also come with changes to the game’s maps as the most significant change is the permanent removal of Generators from the Bayou and the fact that you can now destroy Electric Lamps found in dark maps. All elevators in the game will move faster as well. There’s a handful of changes to certain tools in this update. Fuses, Flare Pistols and the Star Shell custom ammo are now more valuable as they can now burn downed Hunters. Decoy Fuses will now also come with a small explosive effect, making it a breach tool of some sort as the explosion will destroy doors and windows. They are also improving the Derringer Pennyshot to make it more effective.

A significant change to gameplay is that Bounty holders will now be given a passive effect that informs if there are players within 75m to the holder. This effect will be trigger when using Dark Sight even without any Bounty charges as it will emit an orange glow around your screen, indicating that someone is nearby. This effectively makes ambushing Bounty holders much harder. Vaulting will be easier to react in checking corners as you’ll soon be able to rotate the camera during the vault animation to react quicker if needed.

Another change is to the infamous Lightfoot Trait as it’s been nerfed to no longer suppresses jump sounds, but will be 1 upgrade point cheaper due to the change.

All of these changes from the 1.15 will go live alongside the upcoming Tides of Desolation event, which will run from December 13 until February 14.

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