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Poggers Memeoriam – Starfield enters 2024 with 27% rating on Steam

As if Starfield was not memed enough in 2023, it starts of 2024 with a remarkable 27% recent positive reviews on Steam, with 63% positive overall. This memes that the game currently, on 4th January 2024, sits at a mostly negative “Recent Reviews” and a mixed “All Reviews” metric.

As an avid fan of Bethesda’s world design, Starfield definitely dropped the ball. Both Skyrim and Fallout 4 worked because they had a world to explore. And while Starfield retains the magical charm of factional adventures, there’s just no real reason to look about, loot, or dive deep as you’ll soon be doing that anyways.

It’s clear that Bethesda Game Studios is creatively and technologically running dry, and needs new leadership that is willing to take risks to bring some fresh, fun perspective and identity into the mix. Fraud Howard has left us with disappoints a few too many times now, and it’s best time to head to the asteroid field as his vision for the star as found itself in a black hole, both in flesh and space.

Can Starfield Improve its Steam Rating?


Looking for a more detailed answer? Well, look at Microsoft. They own Blizzard and Obsidian. I’m sure Bethesda Game Studio is full experienced and talented individuals, but from the top, there’s clearly a disconnect when it comes to understanding what the players want. Microsoft can shuffle things around so that more creatively tuned leaders can take the reigns to deliver a more impactful yet deeply fun experience.

We all want The Elder Scrolls 6 to knock it out of the park, but we’re all skeptical if Todd Howard can recreate what made Skyrim truly a fan favorite. It’s not even the Creation Engine. Skyrim Ultima is a great example of the technical feats possible with the engine, but we need experts who understand game design and narrative expression before a dream that sounds good on paper yet evaporates the moments players take hold of it.

But who am I to criticize Steam’s 2023 Most Innovative Gameplay experience.

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