Ranni’s Rebellion: Defying the Golden Order

Greetings, fellow Tarnished! Today, we embark on a journey not for gold or glory, but into the shadows, where ambition and cunning weave a tapestry of rebellion. We delve into the enigma that is Ranni the Witch, Empyrean and primary cause of the shattering of the Elden Ring, dissecting her conspiracy to upend the Greater will through the murder of Godwyn as an allegory for defying destiny and carving your own path.

Empyrean to Rebel

We first encounter Ranni, disguised as “Renna,” at the Church of Elleh. Here, under the watchful gaze of the Erdtree, she offers us the Spirit Calling Bell, This seemingly innocuous gift foreshadows her larger rebellion against the Golden Order, symbolized by the Erdtree itself.

Ranni is an Empyrean. In Elden Ring, Empyreans are powerful demigods chosen by the Greater Will as potential vessels for its power.

What are Empyreans?


Chosen by the Greater Will: Empyreans are born with a special connection to the Greater Will, an outer god seeking to influence the Lands Between. They are seen as potential vessels for the Elden Ring’s power, destined to become god-like figures like Queen Marika.

Rare and Powerful: They are incredibly rare, born not from normal conception, but seemingly chosen by the Greater Will itself. This inherent power sets them apart from other demigods.

Bound by Destiny: Being an Empyrean comes with a preordained path, often leading them to serve the Greater Will and uphold its Golden Order. This destiny can feel restrictive and controlling, as seen through Ranni’s rebellion.

Rannis Betrayal

Driven by a desire to escape the Golden Order’s rigid control, Ranni orchestrates the Night of Black Knives. Under the veil of this fateful night, Black Knife assassins, imbued with the powers of the Rune of Death, strike down Godwyn the Golden. This act, fueled as much by ambition as liberation, severs Godwyn’s soul from his body, birthing the curse of undeath and sowing the seeds of the shattering.

The Black Knife Order

In Elden Ring, the Black Knife Assassins are an enigma shrouded in secrecy and speculation. The Black Knifes are all-female warriors of Neumen origin are renowned for their stealth, agility, and thier use of weapons imbued with the power of the Rune of Death. Much of their history and motivations remain unclear. We know they served Ranni during the Night of Black Knives, but their full allegiance and involvement in other events are shrouded in mystery.  Marika being Numen like the assassins fuels speculation about potential hidden alliances or manipulation. However, their motivations and allegiances might not be solely based on their shared origin.

The Wandering Mausoleums: Silent Tombstones or Fallen Siblings?


Now, we venture into the realm of speculation. Dotted across the Lands Between stand the Wandering Mausoleums, colossal structures resembling walking mausoleums. Their origins remain shrouded in mystery, but what if they hold a darker secret? Some theorize these silent giants are not just stone and metal, but final resting places, colossal tombs carrying the weight of a forgotten tragedy.

Could the other Mausoleums house the remains of Marika’s other children, slain by Ranni in a ruthless purge after Godwyn’s demise? Was Ranni’s ambition not just to break free, but to eliminate rivals, paving the way for her own ascension?

Rannis Quest

Throughout her questline, Ranni guides us through the hidden depths of the Lands Between, challenging us to confront our own limitations and mortality. We descend into the ruin of Nokron, a city consumed by death, and face Astel, the Naturalborn of the Void. It is theorized that Astel was sent by the Greater Will an unknown number of years ago on the people of Nokron as they had transgressed against it, making it clear that Ranni is taking a significant risk rebelling against the Greater Will. 

Ranni’s gambit extends beyond mere destruction. In her eyes, the refusing to take up her mantle as an empyrean is not just an ending, but a necessary beginning. By fracturing the Golden Order’s absolute power, she creates space for something new, a chance for individual will to rise above preordained destinies. 

In our own lives

Ranni’s defiance transcends the fantastical realm of the Lands Between. It resonates with our own struggles against societal expectations, ingrained norms, and predetermined paths. We, too, often find ourselves confined by structures that limit our potential, our dreams stifled by the whispers of “should” and “expected.” But Ranni’s story reminds us that within each of us resides the power to break free, to cast aside the shackles of expectation and embrace the unknown.

Embracing the Age of Stars

Elden Ring

Ultimately, Ranni’s quest offers a choice. We can side with the Golden Order, clinging to the remnants of a crumbling system, or embrace the Age of Stars, a future shrouded in mystery but shaped by individual will. Ranni’s path is not for the faint of heart, for it demands rejecting the familiar and embracing the unknown.

Even if we choose to help Ranni escape her predetermined role, her future in Elden Ring remains unclear. Whether she truly achieves freedom or merely carves a new path within the established power structures is open to interpretation. But for those who dare to defy the stars, a new dawn awaits, one where destiny lies not in the hands of gods, but in our own.

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