Bloodborne Fans Left Disappointed by Summer Games Fest

The Summer Games Fest 2023 (RIP E3) was supposed to be a celebration of gaming, with announcements, trailers, and reveals of some of the most anticipated titles in the industry. Fans of Bloodborne, due to numerous leaks leading up to the days before the show, expected an announcement of a remaster. Even a PC port 60 FPS patch would have been good, but we were left disappointed, myself included.

Will We Ever Get a Bloodborne Remake or Remaster?

Bloodborne, released in 2015 by Fromsoftware, is a dark and brutal action RPG set in a gothic, horror world combined with a story inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft. The game received critical acclaim for its atmospheric world design, challenging combat, and rich lore. It has spawned a loyal fan base that has been clamoring for a sequel or a remaster ever since its release. The game since release has been a PS4 exclusive that runs only at 30 FPS, and despite being touted as an absolute masterpiece by its fans and Fromsoftwares best work, it could definitely use some quality of life changes. The loudest cry comes from the PC community, during a time when God of War and The Last of Us are have gotten PC ports, Sony is leaving money on the table by not porting this game to PC.

Months back, Sony tweeted a small piece of Bloodborne’s cover art, asking people what game it was and Bloodborne fans, as sensitive to any mention of their favorite game as they are, instantly made it the trending topic on Twitter and the ensuing backlash from these fans that if Sony had nothing to show about Bloodborne the company should not tease its player base, this prompted Sony to remove the tweet within hours. A few weeks before the Summer Games Fest, A rumor circulated that David Jaffe (God of war creator) had gotten information that a Bloodborne Remaster or something related to it was in the works and yet again, the player base the way it is made it the trending topic on Twitter. People were hoping that an announcement would be made at the Sony showcase, but yet again Bloodborne was a no show.

What Did Summer Games Fest Offer?

Fans had been holding on to hope that either a remaster or a PC port would be announced at the next major gaming event, the Summer Games Fest. Unfortunately, it did not deliver on that hope. The event featured many exciting announcements of new titles, such as the reveal of Mortal Kombat 1, Banishers and many more. However, there was no mention of Bloodborne whatsoever, which was the final nail in the coffin for my hopes and dreams for a PC port announcement for this year.

Industry analysts and insiders have suggested that Bloodborne fans should not hold their breath for any news on the franchise anytime soon. Sony, who owns the IP rights to Bloodborne, is not interested in investing in a sequel or a remaster at this point, Despite having a studio under its wing named Blue Point perfectly suited of the job. Blue point has already released a very well received remake of another Sony owned Fromsoft game Demon Souls, but for some mind-boggling Sony refuses to put them to work on Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Poggers Memes
Bloodbornium – Poggers Memes

You Can Try A Bloodborne Alternative

As it is now, it seems that Bloodborne fans will have to wait indefinitely for any news on their beloved game. In the meantime, they can always replay the original game or try out some of the other games from FromSoftware’s catalog, such as Dark Souls, Sekiro, or Demon Souls. Or they can check out Lies of P, another game announced at the Summer Games Fest, an action RPG with clearly inspired by Bloodborne. Like Bloodborne, it takes place in a dark Paris inspired city with eastern European influence. I have played its demo on PC which is quite hefty, Lies of P easily matches the atmosphere and look of Bloodborne but its gameplay, in my opinion, still cannot scratch that itch that Bloodborne fulfills, on the plus side, it’s not exclusive to the PS4 and is coming to all platforms. Lies of P is being developed by Round8 Studio and published by Neowiz, and is expected to launch in September according to Steam. Bloodborne fans can give Lies of P a try, which I’m sure they will enjoy, or they can just cry themselves to sleep every night hoping Sony answers their prayers.

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