Payday 3: A Promising Future for Heist Enthusiasts

After nearly 10 years Payday is back with Payday 3. The highly anticipated sequel to Payday 2 developed by Starbreeze and Overkill is right around the corner, releasing on September 21st. Payday 3 promises to take the adrenaline-fueled heisting experience to new heights with almost everything from the previous games improved in some way.

Heist evolution


Not much is known about the games’ story, but it’s set a few years after the events of Payday 2. The game has the same 4 characters and is set in New York City. 

Enhanced Graphics and Immersive Environments:

The most obvious change from Payday 2 are the updated visuals thanks to the new engine Payday 3 is built on. The environments don’t look too artistically different from the older title, but the improvement in visual fidelity is certainly a plus. This new game is set in New York City, so players can expect meticulously crafted skyscrapers, intricately designed interiors, and improved lighting effects that will immerse them in the heart of the action. 


One of the defining features of the Payday franchise is its wide array of heists, and Payday 3 is no exception. The game is expected to introduce an even greater variety of missions, offering players the chance to engage in carefully planned and executed robberies across various locations and scenarios. One thing to keep in mind is that the game is not a reinvention of the familiar heist gameplay you are familiar with from Payday 2. Payday 3 is an evolution and improvement of the tried and tested 4 player co-op gameplay. Payday 3 has the same 4 characters from Payday 2 but with deeper progression. All the old weapon but rebalanced with improved feedback and recoil, more focus on movement and sliding. All the enemies are improved with more recognizable models and better AI, so they fit their niche more accurately.

Continued Post-Launch Support

Overkill Software has a reputation for providing substantial post-launch support for their games. Players can anticipate regular content updates. New heists, weapons, and other exciting additions that will keep the game fresh and engaging long after its initial release. Looking at Payday 2’s track record, leaving the game for a few months and returning left you with weeks of content to enjoy. If the same is true with Payday 3, the game is set for a bright future.


A small blemish on Payday 3s bright outlook is the recent announcement that the game will be “always online”. This has left many within the community outraged and outright boycotting the game. The devs say it’s to stop people from using modded versions of the game to complete heists, which in my opinion for a PvE game should be a non issue. The players think it’s just a way to incorporate DRM into the game to stop piracy, but that in turn is hurting the player base.

Payday 3 will no doubt be a great game critically at launch. Whether the sentiment will be reflected within the community is yet to be seen.

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