Warfame: Dante Unbound Builds for Dante and GAuss Prime

Two of our newest entries into the Warframe roster the fast and furious Gauss Prime and wizard Dante. Our newest prime and warframe have alot of build potential on offer lets see what they are capable of in this Warframe dante unbound build guide.

The Builds

These are relatively mid game builds so most people will be able to use them.


Warframe build guide

Seeker of knowledge. Keeper of history. Daring researcher of Leverian lore. Dante composes arcane tales to support allies and devastate enemies.


In general, I have found that his Noctua is the least useful skill, so if it does not suit you, in my opinion it is a candidate for a skill from Helminth.

  • Enter the mission – use Light Verse (preferably 2x), finish with Final Verse. This will give you Triumph. It will give you protection in the form of Overguard, as well as heal
  • want to nuke entire maps? Use Dark Verse 2x and end Final Verse (you’ll get Tragedy) and all light and medium armored units will go into oblivion
  • use Dark Verse and Light Verse to end Final Verse to get Pageflight, which will summon three Paragrimms drawing all attention to itself and weakening enemies, a very good debuff on stronger units
  • Use Light Verse and Dark Verse to end Final Verse to get Wordwarden, to summon a spectral Noctua companion that will attack nearby enemies hit by your weapon. You can “share” this skill with your team (one book per ally).

In this build I focused primarily on two stats, Strength and Range. In addition, I boosted the Final Verse skill by an additional 90%, which gives me a powerful kick to all the skills found in Final Verse.

Gauss Prime

Warframe build guide

Thermal sunder is often overlooked for Gauss’ 4th ability, or simply built how normal nukes would like. This ability is actually a lot stronger than it seems and has more going on under the hood than it seems at first glance.


Cold cast on Cold:
This will freeze enemies solid for a fair duration. This can be a harsh CC for enemies without overguard, and as cold will slow them down as well, you have a very powerful survivability and objective protection tool. During redline the frozen effect only takes 1 cast.

Heat cast on Heat:
This one is tricky, it takes the damage of the heat proc already on the enemy, boosts it’s own damage off of that, and applies a proc based off that total. Normally it takes 0.5x the existing damage, redline will make it 1x the existing damage, and Archon Vitality will make it 2x, and this gets applied on top of the preexisting one, essentially doubling or tripling all heat ticks.

If recast in quick succession, this will feed off the last cast as well, creating an infinite feed back loop scaling up the heat proc damage exponentially until you can kill even level cap enemies.

Heat cast on Cold:
This will remove the cold proc, apply blast, and push enemies away from the center. It will also armor strip enemies based on your battery while above the redline threshold, not outside of redline. This can’t be a 100% strip until redline is fully charged, but can be supplemented with Corrosive Projection to strip prior to full charge if you desire.

Cold cast on heat:
This is the big one, opposite of the previous it will pull enemies in, same as the previous it will armor strip with redline, and most of all, it will remove ALL heat procs and condense all they damage they would deal over their life time into a single big wallop, much like expedite suffering! If you paid attention with the heat casts, you would know you can stack up as much heat damage as you like, exponentially at that.

Keep in mind, this build is a lot of casting! Although thermal sunder is the strongest way to run Gauss by far you can always build him numerous ways and use him however you want, especially if you have trouble with being this active and this much casting.

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